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Four core advantages of Jiumin

nnovator of dust and haze prevention industry / focus on respiratory protection and health for 10 years

  • Product quality advantages

    It is produced in strict accordance with the national standards in accordance with the technical specifications for daily protective masks, tested by the medical device quality supervision and testing center of the State Food and drug administ...

  • Technological superiority

    PM2.5 professional protection: kn95 breathing valve has passed the national quality inspection, and the filtering effect is more than 99.8%, which is a real anti haze mask; high-end breathing valve: effectively eliminate the humidity after br...

  • Production and supply capacity

    The company has 8 fully automated production lines, more than 100 advanced high-tech production equipment to ensure orderly production and timely delivery; the annual production volume of the company reaches 18 million; the annual reserve st...

  • After sales service advantages

    Our company has a perfect after-sales service system, 7 * 24-hour customer service online, answering customer questions at any time. For example, due to product problems, our company promises to guarantee the return and replacement of pr...


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